WP password reset- khôi phục mật khẩu WP


  1. Login to your host at: https://us.cloudlogin.co/
  2. Find/find manager/choose domain/ find file name: WP-config.php

Right click and select: edit

Find these text : define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘lehiep_ei53‘); this red letter  is my DB name in this demo, you will find your DB name then close this file

Data base/ MySQL Databases/ choose exact your  DB name, then click PHP myadmin

 Database, click name of DB/ wp_users,/edit

 username: change to: admin

In line user password, change to code: b112f23f5a3adcc14486e532a25f6e24

then click Go

then login your Dashboard: http//yourcomanywebsite/wp-admin

username: admin

new password: ThankyouLeKhacHiep

You should create new user then delete user admin.

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